I’m Not Naive; I’m Just a Mother

Every day.  Scratch that—every-fucking-day, I post a news story with essentially the same theme:  In America, a Black person’s life is valued less than pig shit at a vegan conference.  Black man shot and White killer gets off; Black woman called the “N-word” in Starbucks; Black men frisked at an 80% higher rate the White men, etc., etc., etc.

Every day.  Every-fucking-day.

It’s not an anomaly.  It’s not one or two racist motherfuckers.  It’s not a Southern thing, an uneducated thing, a police-thing.  Horrid, reported, recorded racist acts, the aggressive abuse of Black people, is as common as rain, it happens every day.  Every-fucking-day

And every day, every-fucking-day, this country, the government, the police, the courts, and the White coworkers at work who act like it’s business as usual, the White friends on FB who share…

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