Black Queens & Their White Princes: Serena, Meghan–You mad?

Imagine for a moment a Black woman, in a nice suit, but practical shoes, catching a city bus to work where she is a valued employee, after she feeds cereal to her 3 kids (whom she is raising alone) and rushes them off to school.

Now imagine another Black woman, this time wearing a designer evening gown, being whisked away by a driver while her boyfriend massages her shoulders and kisses her neck, as they are being driven to a restaurant that her man has rented out completely so he can propose to her.

If you are honest, my guess is that the first image was more quickly accepted and more easily seen than the second. Black women = strong.  Black women = nurturers.  We take care of business and everyone around us and then are expected to accept whatever scraps are left.  Leftover food, money and men.

Accordingly, the world, regardless…

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