Mariah Carey’s Black Card — Membership Approved

Look, I know the Black Card Commission just finalized the books for 2016, following a tough and long year (the last-minute suspension of Kanye West and Jim Brown; the hung jury on Cam Newton, the permanent expulsion of Azalea Banks); but we need to have an emergency meeting.  Some of ya’ll have been as slow as your cousin paying you back after getting his tax refund check in giving Mariah Carey her Black card.

Now, I know that at first glance, Mariah’s looks don’t scream “Sista”; but we all know that the beauty of us is that we come in all hues, eye colors or curl patterns.  There is not one definition of our look.

I also realize that when she dropped “Vision of Love” in 1990 she didn’t actually advertise that she was indeed…

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