Let Me Break. I Ain’t Broken!

He extended his arms and grasped a large wagon wheel: placing his right hand on the top and the other on the nine-o’clock position.  His eyes stayed intensely focused on his perpetrator, his jaw set in cold defiance, his body braced to accept the tremendous but familiar pain of leather slicing the skin.  Wiipow!  Wiipow  –  over and over again — landing on old scars from past whippings.  He did not want to show pain or weakness because in his mind that would show defeat.  But his body betrayed him causing his jaw to release, his nose to begin to quiver, and a tear to escape.

Interacting with my Sisters and Brothers this week has made me think of Denzel Washington in this memorable scene from the movie, Glory.  We are trying not to break (by break I mean to show raw emotion…

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