Each Person Matters In Our Battle: The Problem With Chrisette & Jerry

Ray Rice lost Nike; Adrian Peterson lost Radisson; Michael Vick lost Air Tran; Tiger Woods lost Gatorade, AT&T, Kobe Bryant lost McDonald’s; Donald Trump lost Macy’s; Paula Dean lost Target: I could fill this page with celebrities who have lost endorsements when companies decided to drop them when they didn’t agree with their behavior. Protesting is nothing new. Boycotting is nothing new. Having expectations of behavior from our celebrities is nothing new.

We, Black folks, don’t have Fortune 500 companies however. We don’t fund campaigns and commercials.   All we have is us; so we can’t afford for one, two, three of us to break the picket line.

So understand that Chrisette Michelle’s performing at the inauguration matters because she is selling out the one leverage point she has–we have.  As Black people, all we have ever had to leverage is ourselves and our talent.  While white people…

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