Valentine’s Slay (Warning: Do not read if you LOVE Valentine’s Day)

I’ve never liked Valentine’s Day. Before you start thinking it’s because I didn’t have a man, let me set you straight. Since I was 12, I think I’ve always had a Valentine (not bragging, but letting you know where I am coming from). I have legitimate reasons for thinking that the holiday sucks.

First, Valentine’s Day is just some fake, made-up day, pushed by Hallmark and other companies and designed to make businesses a lot of money.

Second, Valentine’s Day causes men to panic and make dumb buying decisions. What woman over 18 really wants a damn teddy bear? All of a sudden your cheap ass husband, who only gets his oil changed when the auto shop is running a special, pays $125 for a dozen roses that typically cost $40. And, yes, I like the smell of that perfume, but you actually let the salesperson convince you to get the…

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