Mary to Marry A Black Guy: And The Truth of Why Some Black Women Will Be Upset

Generally, I appreciate getting told off because of two things: 1.) It tells me that I pissed you off which means I said SOMETHING.  All writers want to say something—to hit a nerve.  2.)  I usually learn something.  While I write with a lot of passion (or so I’m told); I’m not steadfast about most things.  I am out here in this world winging it.  My opinions change with my mood, hormones, weather, and so on.  Just because I’ve written a thought down for the world to see and with permanence—doesn’t mean that it’s a permanent thought that I really want the world to see and judge me on forever (but I do it anyway).

So now that I’ve prepped you, let’s talk about this Black men dating White women thang (we won’t even bullshit and say “interracial dating” because the Black…

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