Can Men and Women Be Friends—from a woman’s perspective only

Tony was the color old-school Bit-o-Honey candy; and he was just as sweet and sticky.  We had similar spirits: work hard, play hard, travel often, drink well, laugh easily.  We met in front of our Washington D.C. high-rise apartment lobby’s  “fireplace” (a fake brick facade housing a partially exposed orange light bulb).  Immediately I and my boyfriend (at the time) liked him. First, perhaps it was because he was one of the only other English speakers in the building.  But soon, almost immediately, one couldn’t miss his 42-teeth smile.  Tony didn’t know a stranger.

Neither one of us knew a stranger.  We’d go out drinking with 4 friends and leave with 50.  Together—we were fun personified.  Tony would come up on weekdays and grab a plate of whatever I had fixed for dinner for my boyfriend (I’m a Southern girl so I always cooked—plus, I was trying to seal that…

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