The 10 Types of Airline Passengers That Should’ve Been Dragged off the Plane Before Dr. Dao

*The author of this article knows that dragging is wrong. What happened to Dr. Dao is wrong. It is satirical (kinda). If you take yourself very seriously, please do not read any further.

  1. The Novice

I realize that they upset a lot of people; but I oftentimes feel sorry for the TSA people.  Are we that dumb America?  Did you really think that you could bring your pocket knife on a plane?  Have you not heard that you can’t bring liquids through security?  Regardless if you think its stupid: jackets and shoes come OFF. You acting a fool about it ain’t gonna change the law–at least not today. When you put your bags up, move out of the aisle.  Most of us know the basic rules of road travel.  Can’t we finally all learn them with air travel and stop causing these unnecessary slow-downs?

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