The Mac Daddy of White Privilege – Bill O’Reilly

All White people benefit from privilege in America — we know that; but what folks forget is that privilege is like all things — it has levels to it.  There is “Warren G rich” and then there is “Warren Buffet rich.”  Similarly, there is “I don’t get followed in stores White Privilege” and then there is “I can harass multiple women over the course of 21 years and my employer won’t simply allow it, but they will essentially finance it by paying settlements to my victims” White Privilege.  Bill O’Reilly is the Mac Daddy, King Supreme, and Chief Executive Officer of White Privilege.

And for a long time, millions of White conservatives were Hailing the Chief.

We, Americans, love bad-asses.  We will root for the bad guy or the good guy in any movie if he seems as if he is strapped with…

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