Letting the Tears Fall: Setting Down the Strong, Black Woman Armor

Jon Benet Ramsey, Nicole Simpson, Elizabeth Smart, Nancy Kerrigan, Natalie Holloway, Erin Andrews, Amanda Knox, Laci Peterson, Jessica Lynch: you know their names.  They are White women who have been victims of or perpetrators of various crimes / assaults.  We have prayed for them, watched and read countless news stories about them and their unfortunate circumstances.  We’ve never met them, yet we know their faces and we know them as victims.

 Now tell me the name of a Black female victim—one that the country collectively supported.  Just one.

 Today, I questioned (as I was bombarded with images of Blac Chyna speaking with the media about her restraining order against Rob Kardashian), when was the last time that I’ve seen a Black woman portrayed publicly as a victim, as someone worthy of protection (particularly from a White man) in the mainstream media (fictional or…

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