Dear White People; We Don’t Like O.J Simpson Either

 A woman was murdered, savagely; her throat cut so deeply that she was essentially decapitated.

That tragic fact stands alone in a chaotic mat of emotions, misconceptions, assumptions and history.

I imagine that many White folks think many Black folks are cruel and ignorant: “how could your love a football star, regardless of how impressive his record was, blind you to the overwhelming evidence that O.J. Simpson was involved in Nicole Brown Simpson’s brutal murder?”

But that’s what is so centrally misunderstood: most Black folks don’t give a damn about O.J. Simpson.  He was dropped from the Black cookout invitation list long ago.  Actually, he had already stopped opening our invitations, even after we told him that Uncle Ray Ray was grilling his famous ribs and Aunt Phe was making the potato salad without the eggs that he loves.  Don’t get me wrong, many of us loved him.  He was our hero:…

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