Dear Black Person, You Have The Right To Remain Silent (Actually, It’s an Order)

Dear Black Person,

You have no right to advocate for, speak about, or protest on behalf of any issue that makes White people uncomfortable.  Should you choose to do so, you may face at least one of the following punishments: being reported to Human Resources; being viewed as a distraction, difficult to work with, or hostile; not promoted; ostracized by neighbors, friends, co-workers; unfriended or unfollowed on social media; loss of job; loss of customers, loss of opportunity, blackballed.

You’ve unconsciously or consciously always known this rule.  Your entire life, when a White person says something like: can I touch your hair; how often do you wash your hair; look at my tan . . . now, I’m darker than you; you aren’t really Black; you talk white; affirmative action has been good to you; you people; you must be so proud of Obama; there is no longer racism; we are…

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