Nice, Appropriate People are on My Last Nerve: Time To Get Real

Admittedly, due to the government-sanctioned race war we have brewing in America, I’m a bit tense.  I’m horrified every time I see images of last week’s “rally” in Charlottesville; and I’m disgusted when I hear the “leader” of our country try to neutralize a clearly heinous situation. But it’s the nice, appropriate people who, throughout the day, are plucking my nerves, like new strings on a jumbo guitar.

Look, we’ve all read, liked and downloaded countless memes about the power of possessing a positive attitude. I have attended seminars; and fully believe in the power of positive thinking. But there is positive thinking; and there is delusional thinking. When a horse shits in the middle of a field, there is positivity in thinking about how well it will fertilize the ground.  If a horse shits in the middle of your living room;…

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