Sorry–Not Sorry—Going to an HBCU is Better than Going to a PWI All Day eeer-day.

Let me be transparent:  I am on a plane, flying from attending my HBCU’s Homecoming Weekend, so I’m more hype than a senior citizen on the Price Is Right; but I stand by everything I’m going to say in this piece. For a long time,  I’ve tried to be rational and levelheaded.  I figure alma maters are like kids: all of us think that we have the best ones.  Accordingly, I’ve listened to some of my Black Sisters and Brothers tout the benefits of attending PWIs (Predominately White Institutions) or sending their kids to PWIs — quietly and respectfully.  Not today.

You know how your mother would try to tell you that Frosted Flakos were the same as Frosted Flakes; and you convinced yourself it was true (‘though you had a nagging suspicion that your mom was lying when you’d watch cartoons Saturday mornings and the Flakos seemed to get…

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