My 9 Take-Aways From the Bruno Mars Concert


  1. Prince was a bad-ass!

Bruno Mars does not hide his love for and respect of Prince.  When Bruno Mars plays his guitar, sings and performs, you are gifted with a small taste of Prince (and I’ve been hungry since his passing).

  1. Live music with real musicians is the best.

Nothing beats music that is being created by actual, real, live musicians.  Imagine that!-


  1. Nothing beats talent and hard work.

If Bruno Mars were to walk past any of his concert attendees at the grocery store, no one would notice him.  He’s short, extremely short in fact, with a curly afro, and a skin tone that could be ascribed to several races.  He’s pretty, but in an unassuming way..  For his show, he may have been the most casually dressed person at his show:  He wore Bermuda shorts that most tweens through…

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