Closed Doors: Carmen & Deuce


Carmen glanced over at the little MAC bag sitting on her glass coffee table and wondered if the MAC salespeople were trained to spot women like her.  She wouldn’t doubt if there was a whole section in the MAC training manual on DAWFUs (Depressed, Agitated, Women who are Feeling Ugly).  Hell, most of the makeup in Carmen’s bathroom was purchased during those times when she needed to buy something that would make her feel good after some dude had made her feel bad.  Today’s purchases: Vixen Lipstick with a Cork Lip Liner, and some purple eye glitter that she knew she would never wear.  Today’s provocateur: Deuce.

Carmen wished she could send Deuce the bill for the purchases, but that would mean divulging how much she had been looking forward to seeing him this weekend and how disappointed she was that he…

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