NFL: Guess Who May Be Coming to Dinner?

So Jerry Richardson got himself caught up in the #metoo movement and got busted for some creeper ish.  Demanding that female staffers give him foot massages, brushing their breasts when he would “buckle them in” and offering to shave their legs is all kinds of shady.  So now he has to sell his NFL team, the Carolina Panthers.  In the wake of Spacey, Hoffman, Seagal, Weinstein and Simmons (yes, Russell – you too) the Richardson news was not that exciting.

What WAS more exciting – and potentially groundbreaking – would be the first Black ownership group of an NFL franchise.  Puff-Daddy / P-Diddy was the first to throw his hat into the ring.  He was soon followed by Steph Curry and then by Colin Kaepernick in raising their hands in interest.  How awesome would it be to have a Black NFL owner?  And how ironic would…

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