Omarosa and What Black People Need to tell White People About that One Black Friend

There is a lot of stuff we Black folks quibble over such as salt vs. sugar in grits; but for the most part, we can’t stand an OBF.  (one Black friend).

Let’s be clear, most of us Black folks have been in situations where we are the only Black person in a class, school, social group, at work or in a neighborhood.  Many of us also have a group of White friends, whom when we go out, we are the only Black person in that group.  I am not talking about those people.

An OBF meets the following criteria:

-They essentially only socialize with White people

-They avoid Black people or fail to even acknowledge them

-They are willing to hide parts of themselves to be more accepted

-They think White people are superior to Black people (and that they are special because they hang with White people)

-They believe the concerns of most Black people…

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