A Message To My Young Divas From Your Drunk Auntie

It’s 2 hours after the New Year, which means that this is my first tipsy post (yes, I am blogging while intoxicated).  I’m sorry, but not really (if a girl can’t sip at the end of the year—when can she?).  I’m just coming in from an awesome party and feel compelled to say a few things after leaving.

Young girls — many of you are boring.  I am saying this with the love of your drunk auntie.  I like to dance.  I don’t know what happened but the same miserable person who created the rule that we women over 40 or who are mothers aren’t allowed to feel or be sexy also created another BS rule that we aren’t supposed to like to dance except with 60-year-old uncoordinated, legging-wearing  women at our local Zumba class.  So I love when days like New Year’s, Black college Homecomings and New Year’s celebrations…

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