Durant Done Been Duped: KD’s 3 Million Dollar Technical Foul

Kevin Durant has probably dedicated over 40,000 hours of his life to basketball.  He has shown up to practice and play when he didn’t want to, with coaches he didn’t like, sometimes with injuries and illnesses.  His body has endured a beating that will most likely have long-term effects.  He was 2008’s Rookie of the Year; has won 4 NBA scoring titles; was the MVP of the NBA in 2014, and in 2016-17 lead his team to the NBA championship while winning the MVP of the NBA Finals.  He has earned his money and has the right to spend it as he pleases and to give it to whom he pleases.  That said, I am still perturbed about his recent 3 million-dollar donation to the University of Texas.

This is a young man who was raised by his mother and grandmother (because his father deserted the family) in Suitland, Maryland,…

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