The Queens of My Heart

Recently I was working on a “Soul music” compilation for a good friend. When my brother passed a few years ago, one the items he left was his DJ. Laptop filled with over 10,000 songs and a storage locker filled with over 1500 Albums. Anyway, while making good on that promise to create the Soul music compilation of mainly 60 and 70’s soul artists, I ran across a file my brother had labeled “THE QUEEN OF SOUL”. Immediately I began to smile. By the way, just In case any of you reading this weren’t born until the 90’s let me clarify, ARETHA FRANKLIN is the UNDISPUTED “Queen of Soul Music.”

As I began to listen to the extensive catalog of Ms. Aretha Franklin I started to smile. I hadn’t listened to most of these songs in years. Classics like Chain of Fools,…

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