A Love Letter To You: My Black Valentine

My Dearest Valentine,

I love you. Those words are insufficient; like a one-colored rainbow. Expressly, I adore you. I am in love with you madly, completely, proudly, my Black Brothas and Sistas.

Declaring my love for you is the boldest declaration of love I’ve ever made.  It is a love that is forbidden; for various reasons my love for you—my love for us—is threatening.  When I say that I love you; some hear me saying that I hate them.  Oh, how wrong they are: my love is all-consuming.  It confines every cell of my body; propels me to wake up every morning even when I am weary; it influences—consciously or subconsciously- every decision I make. The massive love I have for you leaves no room for hate; or even much impulse to focus on others. When someone else catches my eye or causes me to think momentarily about them, it is…

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