The Lion Cares Nothing About the Elephant: Listening To Your Voice

We, new friends, bonded by the intimacy that long trips to faraway places brings, stood in the relatively short TSA lines in Houston to catch our connecting flights, when she received a text message.

You need to grow-up.  This is the real world and people can’t just take international trips every time they want to. Blah. Hate. Blah, Blah. Hate. 

She, almost 8 years my junior, spoke words of anger, but her eyes showed hurt; and I felt empathy. There in the TSA line, jet-lagged, hung-over, thick-breathed, I tried to comfort her by explaining my latest life-revelation:  living your truth is the boldest decision you will ever make in your life; and there will be many along the way who will attempt to hinder you (primarily because they weren’t bold enough to do the same thing).

It was on another one of these international…

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