If the Shooter Turns Out To Be Black: the YouTube Shooter

Phone news alerts dinging.  Breaking news!  Multiple shootings.

“Oh God!  Please don’t let the shooter be Black.  This is horrible.  I hope that the victims are okay,” most Black people think.

Yes, most Black people will pray that the perpetrator isn’t Black before they pray for the victims.

Fucked up?  Maybe.  Real?  Definitely.  Understandable (if you actually take the time to think about it)?  Absolutely.

If the shooter had turned out to be Black other Black folks know that the body count will increase 100-fold.  There will be 100 times more deaths.  Every cop, every homeowner, every business owner will continue to feel justified for killing every Black person who did ANYTHING that was considered “threatening.”  A Black kid can be playing with a toy gun in a park; a Black kid can be walking home with skittles; a Black man can be using his telephone in is…

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