Drunk Aunt Randi is Going to Hollywood Y’all!

I‘m writin’ this post to say “bye” to ya’ll.  I’m out.  Finito.  Done.  It’s not personal, so don’t go gettin’ your feelings all hurt; it’s strictly business.  I’m bout to be rich; bout to go to Hollywood.  After a few conversations with my friends and a few trif-tings (trifling things) that have happened to me; I came up with a brilliant idea for a sitcom.  Yaasss, Honey, yo’ drunk Aunt Randi is turning trif-ting into triumph and bling.


Ya’ll remember that 1990’s show, “Baywatch”: a show that featured David Hasselhoff (and his hairy chest), Pamela Anderson (and her famous chest), and a few other White folks (yeah – this was another show depicting a place where no people of color exist.  Hell, I know a lot of Black folks don’t swim; but many of us do.  And even the ones who don’t…

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