Taylor Needs to Swiftly Take a Seat & Other Music Musings

I’m such a poor singer that I usually lip sync singing “Happy Birthday” at birthday parties.  Almost everybody, on both sides of my family can sing (some can saaaaang), so I thought it was something that would “kick in” as I got older.  It didn’t.  You’d think my lack of talent would keep me mum about all things music.  It doesn’t.  I’m like a person who can’t cook, but loves to eat and critiques the grub.  I love music and quickly share my opinions.  I gots some thangs to say about the current going-ons in the music industry.


Let’s just get this first thing out of the way:  I like Cardi B’s new album.  I’m not saying it’s a classic or that we will hear it in elevators 20 years from now.  But right now, it’s pushing me through workouts, getting my middle-aged butt on the dance floor, and…

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