Does Your One Black Friend Have One Black Friend & Other Thoughts

“Randi, why couldn’t you just keep your *%^!& mouth shut,” is my 2nd most repeated self-admonishment, after “Why in the %%^@$ did you just eat that?”  This damn “Robin-Hood, Thurgood Marshall, Chuck D” mouth of mine compels me to speak out when I see blatant bigotry, particularly when it involves kids.

My latest verbal explosion involved me doing a video about a neighboring school who had a dance and flier mimicking and stereotyping elements of Black culture.


Most people of all races were very supportive of my message and critique.  Of course, I had some dissenters (all of whom were White and from the town at issue).  To maintain my sanity, I rarely go back and read comments after I’ve posted something that I know will cause upset and almost never respond directly to the outraged few.  But, to address the typical buckets…

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