Drunk Aunt Randi Wonders Why Everything is So ‘Extra’ These days

I ain’t tryin-ta sound ol’ fashioned; but hell, maybe I am cuz’ folks is doin’ too much deez days.  Folks make the most simplest of thangs so grand that the thang ain’t even enjoyable no mo.

My grand-niece just got outta the kindygarden  -she’s as pretty as a peach (which is a surprise cause her daddy ain’t much to look at, which got me looking at my niece a lil’ suspicious-like) But back on the subject, my niece called me askin’ if I was comin’ to the graduation party.  I said, “whose graduation party?”  She said “Danitha’s.”  Now I ain’t said nothing to her, but who da hell “graduates” from kindygarten?  Don’t you just move on to the 1st grade?  What in tha hell are we celebratin’ – that she moved on like everybody else?  Are we surprised?  Did she accomplish something?”  Is she the kindygarden valedictorian or something?  Does…

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