“All who wander/wonder,are not lost”

Them: “Girl,what are you going to do now that the kids are gone?You are going to be lost.”
Me:”Nah, trust I have a plan”(wink)
-May 2017

These days I often chuckle to myself.It seems some of my friends and family think I have lost my mind.That I am experiencing some sort of “midlife crisis” “loss of identity” having a “who am I?” moment. I swear I am not. I am right where I want to be, where I PLANNED to be, where I told y’all I would be 3 years ago.

I am beginning to both …wander and wonder!

To wander by definition means – to walk or move in a leisurely,casual way. To wonder is to be curious about something,someone filled with admiration and awe. I am doing both.

20 years ago, my husband and I ,after our son was born prematurely and experienced complications ,as  we realized daycare for him as an infant…

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