Drunk Aunt Randi Talks Marriage & Your Need to Customize It


It’s summer which means lots of fool folks gonna pledge their undying love under the belief that they are gonna live happily ever after.  Now – don’t gets me wrong—I ain’t anti-marriage; but I want to be clear that it won’t be happy until after you understand dis-here knowledge that I’ma bout to share wit chu’.

After dis—don’t listen to not nere nuther person bout yo marriage lessin’ it’s the person you married to.

Yes, that’s the advice: mentally block folks running dey mouths about what you should and shouldn’t do; what they would or wouldn’t do; with the same dedication and passion as this crazy-ass president of ours tries to block immigrants.

First of all, dey don’t know what in the heck theys talkin bout.  When we gets married, the love is more overwhelming than common sense.  5 minutes without your love seems…

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