Do You See Yourself, My Sista?

There is a woman I know (and by “know” I mean that we travel in the same social circles, have had brief chats at events, are social media friends and sorority sisters; but we haven’t talked on the phone about personal issues or anything).  But, I feel as if I know her, know her because she is a Sista who is striving to do some thangs professionally (while being a wife, mother. daughter, Soror, social activist, and pleasant human-being generally).  I feel, when I meet these Sistas, as if I know them immediately.  I see me in them; and them in me as clearly as I see myself in those full-length mirrors surrounded by soft lights that are found in high-end dressing rooms in department stores.

We are hikers on the same path, experiencing similar challenges: getting corns, blisters twisted ankles and bruised egos; encountering bad weather, dog shit, rude mountain…

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