Drunk Aunt Randi Thinks We Done Got a Bit Stupid With Funerals

I been resistin’ writin’ bout this ‘cause we Black folks is real touchy and tend to argue about certain thangs: church stuff, Jesse Jackson, and grits (salt or sugar); but we gots to talk about funerals.  I was going to try to wait to bring up the subject at the annual-end-of-the summer folks BBQ, but ReRe’s marathon homecoming made me realize that we in need of an immediate mind-shift.

I’ma get straight to the seed of dis here peach: we, Black folks, got this life/death equation all wrong.  Ya hear me?  I never took no fancy math like Geometry or nothin like my grandbabies do, but I got a big-time degree in life.  And I’m tellin you as sure-minded as when I told my Jimmy about marrying that fast tail girl who ended up taking all his money, that our equation is…

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