BLACKHAUSTION: The Overwhelming Fatigue of Being Black in America

Blackhaustion (pronounced: Black-zah-tion) is the overwhelming fatigue experienced from being Black in America.


  • Only choosing to go to places socially where you think there will be mostly Black people.
  • Watching only movies like Black Panther, and television shows like Atlanta and Insecure that reflect your life and people that look like you.
  • Finding it hard to talk with White friends you’ve had for years because you feel as if they really can’t understand or you wonder if they secretly voted for Donald Trump.
  • Having a more difficult time going to work than you have had in the past because you are forced to smile and interact with non-Black people.
  • The inability to watch or listen to Donald Trump without feeling ill. Your immediate reaction is to turn off the television.
  • The urge to slap the shit out of anybody wearing a…

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