Rock On Black Girls!

While sometimes life serves me a plate of crap with a side of BS sauce, as a remedy, I can replay “Black Girls Rock” and it serves as a good glass of red wine that washes the bad taste away.  The show warms me from the inside out.  Accordingly, I always use that “Keep Until I Delete” feature on my DVR for the Black Girls Rock Awards Show.  Every year, that show takes me on an emotional journey: one moment I’m snotty-nosed crying with my face smashed up against a couch pillow; the next I’m joyously dancing while standing two feet in front of the television.  This year was no different.  Here’s my quick recap:


  • Let me speak real plain cause because this is important: if anyone out there has any connections to Fantasia, please hook a Sista up and arrange that she sings at my funeral. That woman…

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