Sandbox Rites (Rights)

Three years ago, Jane and Brad bought their first home, a townhouse, with three stories and Jane’s dream gourmet kitchen, in a small suburb 20 minutes from Brad’s job.  Every afternoon for over two years, Jane would walk the quarter-mile to Hamilton Park, so she and Brad’s young son, Jared, could burn off some of his toddler-energy.  Jared particularly loved to play in the sandbox, which was equipped with buckets, shovels and a few toys.  For hours, day-after-day, Jared would push a toy dump-truck around the edge of the sandbox; fill and dump sand from the back of it; while Jane called friends, read, and caught up on emails.

One day, after sliding down the spiral slide a few times, Jared tottered over to the sandbox to play.  A boy, about the same age as Jared, was already in the sandbox, pushing…

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