Aunt Randi Goes to the On the Run Concert

Chile, chile, chile!

My chil-ren took me to see Beyonce and Jay Z last night.  Now I know my old-self prolly din’t have no business going to that concert, but my family wanted me to go. And you know what?  I am right pleased that I did.  Last couple I saw in concert was Ike and Tina at the Roxy in Detroit, but we all know that love match didn’t turn out so good (I tole people den that Ike looked meaner than a stepped-on rattlesnake, but chu know folks don’t like when you speak about dey idols – as if they know em or something.  But I’m gettin’ off topic).

I must say, I like Beyonce and that Jay boy.  I think they may make it as a couple.  That Bey got fire inside o’ her chest.  She sho is makin that husband of hers pay dearly for cheating.  Yes…

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