I Have #MeToo Many Questions

I believe Christine Blasey-Ford.  I believe Deborah Ramirez.  I believe the dozens of women that were assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Bill Cosby and Donald Trump.  I know that sexual harassment and assault are horrific, underreported and far more pervasive than most of us know.

I also have questions.

I wonder if I have ever made a female classmate or coworker feel uncomfortable by my comments or actions in the past?

I question if any of my female reports at work have felt cajoled or compelled to attend a client event due to power inequities?  Did they feel pressured to attend or stay because I was there?  Did they enjoy the event or just put on a happy face for my benefit?

I ask whether I have different expectations between men and women and men at work as far as assignments, demeanor and roles?


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