“Ms. Bryant’s Neversays message resonated positively with my organization’s tenured sales executives. She was effective in sharing insights which will enable meaningful dialogue and communication across the business with both internal and external partners.”

Sonja Johnson-Williams, Director, West Division Majors, Comcast Business

“Randi takes on exceedingly complex issues that have been central to race, class and gender divisiveness that leaves participants feeling hopeful and inspired that “finally” there’s something to elegantly address these hot button issues that continue to polarize workplaces.”

Kevin Brown, President/CEO, Vector Holding Group

Randi Bryant is a diversity and inclusion strategist, speaker, trainer, and author. She focuses on making connections and cultivating empathy in this diverse world; one speech, seminar, article, book and conversation at a time. Following her education at Tuskegee and post-graduate studies at The College of William & Mary and the University of Virginia, Randi worked as the Director of Training for two emerging technology companies. She next founded a corporate training company, Bryant Consulting Group, in 2001 which allowed her to travel the country educating on anti-discrimination, communication in a diverse work environment and how to capitalize on a diverse workforce. For 16 years as president of Bryant Consulting Group, she became even more fascinated with how uninformed people in the United States are about racial, gender and cultural issues – and how scared people are to have a conversation with someone different than them. These communication barriers preclude an inclusive, cohesive and effective workplace.

Randi focuses on having these uncomfortable conversations to get us to better understand each other in order to foster empathy and create unity in the world. She does so by moving discussions from mere theoretical musings to conversations involving practical tools and strategies.

Randi is also the author of the highly acclaimed diversity and inclusion book, Neversays: 25 Phrases You Should Never Ever Say to Keep Your Job & Friends.

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